Life Assurance Dublin

Mortgage Protection
Mortgage Protection is Life Assurance at its most basic. The amount of cover you need and the length of time you should be protected for will depend on the amount and term of your mortgage. As you pay off your mortgage your cover will fall to reflect the falling amount you owe on your mortgage.

Term Assurance
Term Insurance can provide a single cash payment to your family if you die during the term of the plan. Your family can use this lump sum to cover any expenses they might have - for example, funeral expenses or other debts. This is the most cost effective way to arrange personal life assurance cover.

Key Man Assurance
Keyman insurance is an important form of business insurance. it can be described as an Insurance Policy taken out by a business to compensate that business for financial losses that would arise from the death of the member of the business specified on the policy. The policy’s term does not extend beyond the period of the key person’s usefulness to the business. The aim is to compensate the business for losses and facilitate business continuity.

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