Public Liability Insurance & Products Liability

Public liability insurance covers claims made against your business, if its owners, directors or employees are shown to be responsible for personal injuries to a third party or damage to property.

Our public liability insurance also includes cover for any legal costs associated with defending claims against the business. Premiums will depend on the type of business, turnover and number of employees.

Public liability cover can also be extended to include claims arising out of defective products or design, often referred to as products liability insurance. However, it does not cover you for any claims made against the business for negligent advice.

The limits are usually between €1.3M and €6.5M and can be a condition of working or sub-contracting for another company. Higher limits are available if needed for specific contracts.

Employers liability insurance

Employer's liability insurance provides cover for you as an employer (sole trader, partnership or company)against legal liability for accidental bodily injury to employees arising during the course of their employment.

If your company is found to have acted negligently resulting in an injury or loss to an employee and subsequently could have prevented injury to an employee injury, then they may decide to pursue you for compensation. Your insurer will pay the cost of the claim including any legal costs.

The limit for this insurance is set by law at €13m.

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